Thomas Janda

Ship records show that Thomas 55, Katharina 45, Katharina 22, Joseph 17, Johan 9, Ciril 19, Marie 5, Pauline 21, Marie CHYBA 13, Katerina Prepechal, from Austria, on the ship ODER, 25, July 1879, all Jandas. It sailed from Bremen, Germany, for docking at NY.
Also on board in a separate area, but on the same ship at the same date were these Jandas; Franz 27, Aloisa 26, Franciska 3/4, Anton 31, Maria 30, Katharina 8, Wenzel 5, Anton 4, Juliana 2, Hermine 1/2.
While visiting the Moravia area, Czech Rep. on Dec. 8th, 1995, I found the death records of a Josef Janda, that died on May 5th, 1874, died of old age. Possibly an older brother or cousin of this Thomas Janda, being in the same area around Plesice, Moravia.  I had a hard time finding other deaths.

Thomas' sons were great musicians.  Music was so important to the Czech's.  They made any excuse to get together an play all the old German and Bohemian standards.  The son's formed the Plattsmouth City Band, which were well known throughout the Midwest, even played at the Democratic National Convention.