Edward Lovely

Edward, his brother Joseph and sister Ellen, crossed the Atlantic in 1830 and raised and educated their children in Ontario.  They first lived in County Leeds, Ontario, and sometime after 1871, they moved to the neighboring townland of South Elmsley, which is the present day Smith Falls area, in Ont.
They possibly moved to Sturgeon Bay, WI and then to Carroll County, IA in August 1873, where he purchased quite a bit of land, near Arcadia. He sold some of it to his son, Michael. (I have these land deeds in my records.)

 Edward's son, Michael, moved to Omaha in 1885, and entered the construction business.  He was responsible for many of the old buildings in the Market area, near downtown Omaha.
  In the 1928 edition of "Who's Who in Omaha", it states some information about Edwards Grandson, Joseph Lovely, Atty. It states that Edward came Canada, to Ireland, in 1821. This grandson, Joseph was a prominent public defender, in Omaha.

Edward had a son named Joseph. The birth register in Carroll Iowa shows a Joseph Lively that lived in Arcadia at the same time. Josephs children's names, I could not make out but a female was born to a Hannah Harrington in Jan 24, 1882 and female to the same mother in Nov 14, 1883. Occupation of father, (Joseph), farmer. Hannah Harrington was from Dubuque, Iowa, which is ironic because that is where Mary Gilmore, (Thomas F. Kenny's wife), is from and Mary Gilmore's mother was Julia Harrington.  Julia Harrington was the sister of Hannah Harrington.

Edward filed his first Nationalizing paper in Greene County, IA.

There was a Josephine Lovely that lived with Edward in Carroll County. She must have been born about 1803 and died on Feb. 23, 1881 in Arcadia, Carroll Co, IA. I don't know if this was an un-married sister or the wife of a brother.

Edward may have moved from Iowa to Saunders Co, Mead, NE. The May 1860 soundex showed his name as Edward S. Lovely age 40
Tim O'Brien had Edward's birth, about 1811.

Descendants of Edward LOVELY and Bridget Donnelly

1 Edward LOVELY 1820 - Unknown

.. +Bridget DONNELLY 1818 - Unknown

........ 2 William LOVELY 1840 -

........ 2 Elizabeth A LOVELY 1842 - 1910

............ +Richard P KENNY 1845 - 1916

........ 2 Mary LOVELY 1843 -

............ +James FOSTER 1842 -

........ 2 Michael LOVELY 1849 - 1935

............ +Mary Ann KELLY 1855 - 1909

........ 2 Ellen LOVELY 1849 - 1938

............ +O'NEILL 1850 -

........ 2 Joseph F. LOVELY 1850 -

............ +Johanna (Hannah) HARRINGTON 1863 - Unknown

........ 2 Edward LOVELY 1855 - 1878