Bartholomew Kenny and Anne (Breen) Kenny

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In the early 2000's after receiving some records from Catherine Wright from the Family Heritage Centre, in Wicklow town, County Wicklow, Ireland, we found the following baptisms:

Catherine Kenny, daughter of Bartholomew and Ann Kenny nee Brien of Kennystown, baptized Aug 16th, 1808 with Godparents Philip Kenny and Mary Clerk

Richard Kenny, son of Bartholomew and Ann Breen of Kennystown, baptized 1795.  Godparents were Thomas Kenny and Elizabeth Kinselagh

Thomas Kenny, son of Bartholomew and Ann Breen of Kennystown, baptized 1794.  Godparents were William Kenny and Sarah Kenny.

We have proof that Batt and Anne are our 4th great grandparents, but little is know about them  The Irish records are so scarce.  We do know that they lived in Kennystown, County Wicklow and they had the above children mentioned, including Thomas, who was my 3rd Great grandparent.

I know that in 1827, they had 6 children.

I hired a professional researcher and he came up with this:

> married to ANNE BREEN
> These had 3 sons and 3 daughters
> BARTHOLOMEW was aged 60 in 1827 and his wife was aged 57.They had 4 acres
> and he was a MASON.
> Their known children:
> 1.
> RICHARD KENNY aged 32 in 1827 with his wife aged 20.
> He had 11 acres in 1827. He may have had one son in 1839 living with him
> but a blob of ink obscures this. This RICHARD KENNY had 17 acres 1 rod in
> 1839.In 1850 RICHARD KENNY had 2 sons 3 daughters and was aged 52 with his
> wife aged 31.
> RICHARD KENNY was bapt. 8th JUNE 1795 sp: WILLIAM and SARAH KENNY.
> 2.
> PHILIP KENNY aged 24 in 1827 and his wife aged 22.
> They had 4 acres and also had 2 daughters with them in 1827.
> There was an ELLEN KENNY widow living here in 1848 aged 40
> with 5 acres 3 rod and she was gone by 1850.
> There was also an ELLEN KENNY senior aged 56 here in 1848 who lived in a
> house only.
> 3.
> This Thomas Kenny was missing from the family farm in 1827 and I suspect
> it is the same THOMAS KENNY who was at MOTABOWER on ROCHE family farm as a
> shoemaker before 1839. I think even though this THOMAS KENNY was named as
> a LIFE in the LEASE of 1808
> he actually went to his second brother RICHARD KENNY and his age was wrong
> in 1808 as well.
> 4.SALLY (Sarah) KENNY married THOMAS BALF and this THOMAS BALF was found with these
> KENNYS in 1839. SALLY was age 28.They had 3 daughters. He was 36 .The
> tenant living with them was MICHAEL HUSSEY aged 54 in 1839. Also livi
> with BALFS was a widow aged 80 and I suspect that this is ANNE BREEN KENNY
> widow of BARTHOLOMEW KENNY and this ANNE KENNY was aged 57 in
> 1827.Obviously her age is wrong in 1839 as she would have been 69-70 not
> 80. MARY BALF was bapt. 5th SEPT. 1832 dau of TOM BALF and SALLY KENNY of
> KENNYSTOWN. sp: TOM KENNY and MARY BALF.  Sally married on Nov. 3, 1831
> This SPONSOR maybe the same THOMAS KENNY at MOTABOWER as he did not live
> at KILCAVAN in 1827 or 1839. When he was named in 1839 THOMAS KENNY gave
> his age as 40 but he was actually 45 and married to a very much young
> woman and perhaps this may have given rise to problems with his family. The
> FAMILY FARM is all important in those areas. It could be of course that he
> just had no interest in farming.

In this article, it mentions how Thomas was passed by his brother Richard, in regards to having land.  There isn't an explanation why Thomas didn't have farm land in Kennystown, and was forced to live with the Roche's and the Connors in Motabower, on their  land. See more on Thomas Kenny  here.