Joseph Kenny's mother was:

 Veronica Janda, married to Dan L. Kenny.  

Veronica's parents were Charles C. Janda & Marie Cathryn Toman

Charles parents were Cyril Janda and Pauline Martinek

Cyril's parents were Thomas Janda and Marianna Sedlacek

Thomas' parents were Tomas Janda and Elenora Prokes

Janda Family reunion

Notes on Charles Clement Janda

Charles, my grandfather was a carpenter and house builder. He built many of the houses just off 42 and " F" Streets in Omaha. He worked independently, but also worked for Martin Christiansen Contractors. He was downtown, paying his taxes, when he dropped over dead of a heart attack right at the curb, near his car.

Before his death, he built many things and did various repair jobs for several people. I have two record books of some of the jobs that he kept track of during the late 30's and the 1940's. He would make pine boxes for Heafy Mortuary, for the people that couldn't afford regular coffins, and donate or sell them for cost of the wood in some cases.

Notes on Cyril Janda

My G. Grandfather, Cyrill Janda 's possibly was a James Cyrill Janda.
I saw this on One of his children s birth records, Celia, which I have in my
records. I have seen several mistakes in these old church records though.
On his funeral information card, it puts his birth year at 1859. All other
things including obituary and write ups about their 60th anniversary show 1860.
The grave stone in Plattsmouth says 1858. I've been taught to go with the
He started the committee and was Chairman of the committee that built the Holy Rosary Catholic Church. Many of my other relatives helped including my
G. Grandfather Anton Toman who was Vice-president of this committee. Cyrill's
brother, Thomas was the treasurer. Another brother Frank was credited with the
beautiful decoration and design of the interior.

According to the Plattsmouth register of deeds, at their court house, in Book 16, page 590, Cyrill bought a house on August 13, 1888. It also shows a James who purchased a house 10-4-1879, about the time that they arrived in the USA.
The reason I mention this is because of the conflicting report, as mentioned in this first line above.

Notes on Thomas Janda

Ship records show that Thomas 55, Katharina 45, Katharina 22, Joseph 17, Johan 9, Ciril 19, Marie 5, Pauline 21, Marie CHYBA 13, Katerina Prepechal, from Austria, on the ship ODER, 25, July 1879, all Jandas. It sailed from Bremen, Germany, for docking at NY.
Also on board in a separate area, but on the same ship at the same date were these Jandas; Franz 27, Aloisa 26, Franciska 3/4, Anton 31, Maria 30, Katharina 8, Wenzel 5, Anton 4, Juliana 2, Hermine 1/2.
While visiting the Moravia area, Czech Rep. on Dec. 8th, 1995, I found the death records of a Josef Janda, that died on May 5th, 1874, died of old age. Possibly an older brother or cousin of this Thomas Janda, being in the same area around Plesice.. I had a hard time finding other deaths.